Festival 2018 (English)


Friday  May  4th  - Saturday May 5th - Sunday May 6th 2018


Friday May 4th from 8.00 p.m. to  10.00 p.m.
Saturday May  5th  from 2.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Sunday May 6th From 1 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Appliance: 180 Euro pro capite.
Registration only for couples: please send a request to Maria Elena: Whattsapp & Te l+39  333 5685420.

note that Couples who attended previous seminar are accepted first.

To attend the milongas you don't need a reservation. You will only apply to a free membership to Ealloratango ASD.
Friday May 4th from 10.30 p. m. TDj Luigi Felisatti - entrance 10 Euros.
Saturday May 5th from 10.00 p.m.- TDj Punto y Branca -  Performance by Chicho y Juana -  entrance: 15 Euro.



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 Second Weekend:

Friday May 11th - Saturday May 12th - Sunday May 13th  2018

Only couples may attend one or more lesson.
  1. Friday May 11th from 7.30 p..m to 8.45 p.m.  "Tango Miloguero";
  2. Friday May 11th from  9.00 p. m. to 10.15 p.m. : "Tango Salon";
  3. Saturday May 12th from 6.30p.m. to 7.45.p.m. : "Tecnica que no se usaban y ahora si, rebotes, ochos, cuando y porque hacerlos"

    (Tecnique  not used in the past but used now: rebounds,  ochos: when and why to perform them)

  4. Sunday May 13th from 5.30p.m. to 18.45 p.m. : "Milonga"

Lessons prices: silgle lesson: 25 Euro pro capite , 2 lessons 45 Euro pro capite,  3 lessons 60 Euros pro capite , 4 lessons 75 Euros procapite.
Lessons can be added to Seminar at 15 Euros each pro capite.

Only couples may attend the Seminar.
Saturday May 12th 2.30 p.m. - 3.45 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.- 5.45 p.m. Seminar about Musicality  Part I.
Sunday May 13th 2.00 p.m. - 3.15 p.m. and  3.30 p.m. - 4.45 p.m. Seminari about Musicality   Part II.
Price of the Seminar : 90 Euros pro capite.

Registration: please send a request to  Maria Elena: Whattsapp &Tel +39 333 5685420

To attend the milongas you don't need a reservation. You will only apply to a free membership to Ealloratango ASD.
Venerdi 11 maggio dalle 22.30: "Serata speciale La Viruta" - Dj Horacio Godoy  - quota di partecipazione 10 euro.
Sabato 12 maggio dalle 22.30: "Serata con Esibizione"  - Dj Supersabino - quota di partecipazione 15 euro.
Domenica 13 maggio ore 19 - 23: "Matinee" Dj Il Grande Valenti - quota di partecipazione ? euro.

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Chicho Frumboli y Moira Castellano

Mariano Frumboli is a complete artist. He moves from theater to music, as a drummer and composer, to the Argentine Tango with naturalness. During his artistic career Chicho has built a true personal and inimitable style. His tango, strong thaks to a coherent and effective body language, supports the spontaneous movements of the body obtaining surprising and unexpected effects. The performances are exciting. They touch the deep sensitivity of the viewer. What  emotionally involves you is the natural connection between dance and music and physically makes you feel its movements and its surprising solutions.
Moira Castellano is one of the most rewknown dancer in the wolrd. Thanks to her versatitlity she's alwayes performing at the highest levels with any  partner she's dancing. Tha's the dream of any woman for sure: to be always at best at any embrace.

some resiources: tango 2018; to let you think ; documentary; an interview; tango libre; wikipedia


Horacio Godoy y Ceclila Berra

Horacio Godoy is a conductor. He directs the orchestra with his body. He drives a voleo and suddenly the dancer's leg awakens a dormant violin in the arrangements of the Tango. Takes three quick steps and the bandoneon screams and snorts, gently supports the tip and here he moans, he complains. Then It's silent. You're never really sure if it's a recording that Horacio dances or it's a somewhere hidden orchestra that obeys his commands. It remains the amazement to see the tango as you never imagined it. Horacio Godoy is the soul, the musicalizador of the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires. His deep knowledge of Tango, the harmony. the symbiosis with which this artist shares with music can be defined with one word: taste. Horacio has taste. Taste in dance, taste when musicalizing, taste when teaching. A designer of the Tango ultimately. And his performances are "parades". Says Horacio: "Hay un grupo de pibes que se dio cuenta de que la máxima riqueza está allí. No me refiero a las figuras, si no a la musicalidad y a la calidad del movimiento. A una riqueza tan sutil y compleja que para el ojo vulgar es imperceptible"
(Clarin 08/08/1999).

Cecilia Berra is a sincere and spontaneous dancer. His tango, studied with the great masters and refined by experiences in other disciplines such as contemporary dance and the contact improvisation aims at the connection with the dancer and with the music. The courage to take care of the connection more than to the 'must have aesthetic' makes his Tango powerful and versatile, always ready to the proposal of the dancer, and able to connect more deeply and to dance movements that are never dull, never foregone. Here the proposal of the dancer is reworked and danced in a personal way and the female role elevated to co-star of the dance.
Cecilia Berra She has participated in International Tango Festivals including Tarbes Tango, Embrace Berlin Tango Festival, Maya Tango Festival, Nashe Tango Festival (Tomsk Rusia), Milongueros Night (Moscow), Brussels Tango Festival, Tango Ritual (Istambul), Chicago Tango Week etc. He has made tours in Argentina, Europe and the United States with workshops and exhibitions in the Milongas. He was a member of the Stables groups in "Casas de Tango" in Buenos Aires and Madrid, and of Danza and Tango companies he toured in Spain and Portugal.

some resources: Berlin 2017; Interview by Pepa; La Viruta;

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Luigi Felisatti
Luigi Felisatti is Dj of rank. A great lover of music and a profound connoisseur of the sounds of tango, it is inspired by the orchestras that make wisely resonate in the hall. It will take you in its dreamy atmosphere as in a long journey on the night of the milonga.
Punto y Branca
Punto y Branca, Argentine Dj of great taste. Of sweet hand at the right time and of heavy hand when the track requires it. Nominee at the Premios Tango 2018, collects the enthusiastic approval of all the milogueros. With Jorge, the evening is always fun and engaging. Because it is he who gets involved with you and makes you dance as you like!
Horacio Godoy
For years Horacio Godoy has supported as Atlas, the Viruta. He supported it with his taste for tango. Horacio is not only a profound connoisseur of Argentine Tango: he is a lover. A lover who rejoices with tango, who cries with tango, a faithful and passionate lover. And it does not give in to the temptation to please you, but it leads you by the hand in the wonder of this and that piece like a storyteller, like a minstrel of Argentine Music. In Mantua we will to replicate the atmosphere of B.A.'s most famous milonga and listen to the music with a new ear.

Sabino Cirulli, musicalizador of solid experience and now internationally renowned, is the dowel maker par excellence. With his personal way of conducting the evening, his ability to locate the right tango at the right time Sabino is the never-dull-evening DJ. There is always a discovery to be made in the music of Sabino and often the discovery is that you like a tango that you thought you hated because he plays it where it fits. The result is a pista that is always full, the people dragged to dance, totally immersed in the milonga atmosphere. Until late at night.

Grande Valenti
There is no one who likes to joke music as much as Il Grande Valenti. With lightness and nonchalance he places the gem that you did not expect. Always rigorous in the consistency of the tanda, always respectful of the Great Masters and the Great Orchestas, the Great Valenti knows however to relax the minds with a more graceful version here and there, with a less austere tango in the moment of tiredness and why not, with some gender changes that sometimes may seem risky, but that breaks with the boring dictact of the "good DJ". The evening is always bright, more relaxed and the tango is closer to our feeling. The Great Valenti is Resident Dj of the Viejo Almacen Papelero.

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Registration for Seminars and lessons must be sent to Maria Elena. - +39 333 5685420
Registration is not required to attend the milongas.
Registration for the ealloratango association can be made here (link to be updated).

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All Festiva is held at Ealloratango ASD: El Viejo Almacen Papelero, Strada Chiesanuova 27/ì  -  46100 Mantova

Link Google Map: mappa

If you ar driving you can easily free park in Via Frankin Vivenza and you are at 100 meters from the milonga.
(section under construction)

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general information and registration to lessons and seminars: Maria Elena. - +39 333 5685420
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